About Us

Over the past few decades, the world has witnessed a resurgence of many infectious microbial diseases in the face of growing drug resistance and diminishing vaccination rates.  Therapeutic treatments struggle to keep pace and while investigations of promising terrestrial botanicals have reaped great rewards, the need remains immense.  Now scientists are turning their attention to the ocean, to explore the vast, almost untapped potential of primary producers and their nutrients.

Starting in the early 1960’s, marine biology became a hot spot for pharmaceutical study and drug development. In 1967, the United States took the lead in organizing and holding its first Marine Drug International Colloquium. By the 1990s, many respected academic organizations around the world had created centres conducting research, seminars, colloquia and workshops to investigate the rich, diverse nature of marine flora as grist for medical biotechnology discoveries. In this vein, the Canada Marine Biotechnology Research Centre has entered the international scene with its own marine research and related products.

The Canada Marine Biotech Research Centre is located on Vancouver Island in Nanaimo, BC, Canada. The Centre’s research staff is committed to revealing and exploiting the nutritional secrets of the marine plankton and microscopic organisms that have sustained ocean life for eons.  Their research is focused on formulating natural food products that exploit the nutritional secrets of phytoplankton to benefit human health and promote longevity.  To this end, the pristine waters of the Salish Sea and its Gulf Island archipelago fairly teem with marine phytoplankton – unmatched as the most diverse and nutrient-rich biomass in the world. These life forms possess pH levels and metabolic processes similar to those of human cells and blood chemistry, and are a treasure trove of critical nutrients, vitamins and trace elements.

The Canada Marine Biotech Research Centre, bolstered by a $30 million government investment, constructed a land-based, closed aquaculture facility with a capacity of ten million liters to culture custom algal species’ assemblages, with a year-round output of 10 tonnes/acre for each production cycle.  After seven long years of arduous research and testing, our team of experts perfected and patented cultivation, extraction and drying techniques to create a unique and powerful nutritional supplement named CELLTON â„¢, comprised of 200 marine phytoplankton species.  CELLTON â„¢ contains the complete spectrum of nutrients and trace elements essential to human cell structure, integrity, function and homeostasis – and ultimately, human well-being.

CELLTON â„¢ is not only a superior cell nutritional supplement but also an agent for cellular detoxification, as determined by 3 years of clinical and consumer trials arising from dedicated research at the Universities of Utah and Manitoba, in partnership with the Canadian Marine Biotechnology Research Centre.